2012 Election – 10 GOP Mistakes


  1. GOP machine backed a rich, dull, out-of-touch moderate instead of an intellectually charismatic conservative like Newt or Ron Paul

  2. Romney was too concerned in appearing negative, so he opted to appear feeble and mild in ALL debates–including the one Obama was absent from

  3. BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI was missing from Foreign policy debate–go figure!

  4. Chris Christie had an emotional moment and love-affair with Obama a few days before election!

  5. Romney campaign puts all their eggs in one basket focusing mainly on economy

  6. GOP machine thinks that the key to winning an election is pleasing the “Independents” and not the conservative base. And they wrongly assume that the independents want a gentle and soft Republican.

  7. GOP machine is comprised of only Rhinos like Karl Rove who think that they are the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party and look down at the common Republican as a useful idiot!

  8. GOP machine takes ques and answers to the left-leaning media. They criticize and work against the Tea Party instead of embracing it and utilizing its resources

  9. GOP machine thinks that it needs to lean left to attract other demographics when it needs to lean socially and economicall right! Even “Left leaning” California was against social issues like gay marriage!!!

  10. GOP machine influences primaries by running PAC ads for an elder within the GOP (Good Old Pal) network instead of a radical outsider. Influencing primaries and assuming the conservative base is in your back pocket will only turn off some in the base.